Looking for a unique gift idea?

It’s coming up to a family member’s birthday. They’ve not made a list of presents for you to buy which sees you stuck. Instead of buying something from the shop or a voucher, you find yourself looking online for unique gift ideas that’ll really mean something to who you’re buying for.
Letter photography is on the up in the online market place with a growing demand and a growing customer base. If you’re one of the many people stuck looking for gifts for their loved ones on any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or an anniversary, then turning to letter picture art could just be the answer you’re looking for.

letter photographyPeople these days are more hesitant to go out into a town or city centre to buy presents for one another. This sees them sitting indoors looking for more unique gift ideas on the internet. It saves time for a start, but there is a lot more variety on the internet and more options to find a personalised gift that is universal across all events in the calendar.

WOW Letter Art specialises in creating bespoke letter photography. This form of art is becoming an increasingly popular trend in both home décor and gift buying because of its diversity and personal touch. Not only do we see a lot of first time buyers, but we also see a huge number of repeat customers coming back for themselves or for other family members that have seen their purchases. Once you see the range of artwork available, you’ll understand why.

Letter photography, in a nutshell, is photographs of every day objects that you’ll see in urban or natural environments that form the shape of a letter. Put together, you can create your own words or phrases with these pictures that may have a special meaning to you or the loved one your shopping for.
The main focus on creating a piece of letter picture art is that it’s fully customisable and controlled completely by you. From the word you want to display, to the pictures you select, to the style of the print and the type of frame or canvas you want, the final art piece is all your own creativity. Nothing screams “unique gift idea” more than something that truly is one-of-a-kind.

The best part about a letter photography canvas is that you really can create an idea for any occasion. If two of your friends have just got married for example, you can create a congratulatory piece for them unique to the occasion. If your brother has just had a baby, why not create a sign for the wall in the new baby’s bedroom with his or her name on it? Or even if you want to label the doors to the toilets in a restaurant you own, the flexibility of design really can cater for this!

The WOW Letter Art website has a simple-to-use ordering system for people of all ages and creative ability to easily navigate. To start off, write the word or phrase you want to use for your personalised art piece and the system will display your creation in the form of separate word art pictures. Then, it’s up to you to decide on the style of letters, colour themes, and the size and material of the frame or canvas to complement the word art you’ve created.

Finally, all you have to do is order the letter photography artwork and wait. The letters are printed on archival grade photo lustre paper with fade resistant ink to ensure that the art piece stays top quality for a lifetime.

So, instead of spending hours on end looking for unique gift ideas that you most likely won’t find in a shop, turn to WOW Letter Art and create your own piece of letter photography for any occasion. Your order will be with you within 7-10 days by courier after you’ve finalised your design, so make sure you leave plenty of time between creating and the occasion!