Changes to our Framed Letter Art site

letter artThings are starting to heat up, we are starting to grow rapidly and are creating more and more unique letter art pieces for our customers. We have also been busy adding some great new functionality to our site, allowing our customers to add personalised messages to their framed name art, take a look at our personalised art page now and have a play around with creating a name art piece, you can see that you can now add a line of wording above and below the images… cool heh? Take a peek….

name artThe second big addition to our site is that customers can now create customise name art canvas prints as well as framed art, a canvas print is the design, printed on 100% cotton canvas, then stretched over a wooden frame, these great new artworks are delivered ready to hang straight on the wall. The canvas prints can also have nice messages written on them as can be seen in the example framed print seen here.

We’ve sporadically included on this blog a few of our nice recent framed name art pieces created for customers… ordering a personalised artwork on this site could not be any easier… simply choose whether you want a framed personalised artwork or the name art canvas prints, add your words, choose the letters you’d like, the frame colour and mat if you are ordering a framed design then ouila… just submit your order. We look forward to hearing from you!

Valentines Day Gift Idea

The perfect Valentines Day gift ideas are the most personal ones. Nothing speaks more volume than a perfectly selected special something with a meaning to it that you can share with your significant other.

It’s often hard to come up with Valentines Day gift ideas that are personal or creative, and many opt for going with an easier option like chocolates and flowers. However, we have a solution for you.

You can create a personalised letter art picture frame to add a different twist to Valentines Day and the best thing about it, is that you can buy one whether it’s for your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

The process is very simple and the wording and pictures you choose can be symbolic to your relationship. Whether it’s the name of the place you first met, your nicknames for each other, pretending you are kids again with your initials and heart symbols, or labeling a bathroom “His” and “Hers”, look no further than WOW Letter Art for Valentines Day gift ideas.

You can choose pictures that mean something to you or evoke a memory, or use pictures that are relevant to the word that you want to use. Even if you’re lost for words, you can purely use symbols of the various pictures of hearts we have in our library.

The process is very quick and very painless. Simply write the word you want to use in our unique ordering system and select the photos from our collection that mean the most to you. In fact, the hardest part of the process is for you to find the perfect word for your partner. You can check our “inspirational art” page for motivation and other Valentines Day gift ideas, and help create the perfect gift for the occasion.

Shipment to you will take around 7-10 days, so don’t leave your Valentines Day shopping to the last minute. Share these Valentines Day gift ideas with your friends and make sure none of them are stuck for a creative and personal gift on the day and create something that will last for years to come.

Looking for a unique gift idea?

It’s coming up to a family member’s birthday. They’ve not made a list of presents for you to buy which sees you stuck. Instead of buying something from the shop or a voucher, you find yourself looking online for unique gift ideas that’ll really mean something to who you’re buying for.
Letter photography is on the up in the online market place with a growing demand and a growing customer base. If you’re one of the many people stuck looking for gifts for their loved ones on any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or an anniversary, then turning to letter picture art could just be the answer you’re looking for.

letter photographyPeople these days are more hesitant to go out into a town or city centre to buy presents for one another. This sees them sitting indoors looking for more unique gift ideas on the internet. It saves time for a start, but there is a lot more variety on the internet and more options to find a personalised gift that is universal across all events in the calendar.

WOW Letter Art specialises in creating bespoke letter photography. This form of art is becoming an increasingly popular trend in both home décor and gift buying because of its diversity and personal touch. Not only do we see a lot of first time buyers, but we also see a huge number of repeat customers coming back for themselves or for other family members that have seen their purchases. Once you see the range of artwork available, you’ll understand why.

Letter photography, in a nutshell, is photographs of every day objects that you’ll see in urban or natural environments that form the shape of a letter. Put together, you can create your own words or phrases with these pictures that may have a special meaning to you or the loved one your shopping for.
The main focus on creating a piece of letter picture art is that it’s fully customisable and controlled completely by you. From the word you want to display, to the pictures you select, to the style of the print and the type of frame or canvas you want, the final art piece is all your own creativity. Nothing screams “unique gift idea” more than something that truly is one-of-a-kind.

The best part about a letter photography canvas is that you really can create an idea for any occasion. If two of your friends have just got married for example, you can create a congratulatory piece for them unique to the occasion. If your brother has just had a baby, why not create a sign for the wall in the new baby’s bedroom with his or her name on it? Or even if you want to label the doors to the toilets in a restaurant you own, the flexibility of design really can cater for this!

The WOW Letter Art website has a simple-to-use ordering system for people of all ages and creative ability to easily navigate. To start off, write the word or phrase you want to use for your personalised art piece and the system will display your creation in the form of separate word art pictures. Then, it’s up to you to decide on the style of letters, colour themes, and the size and material of the frame or canvas to complement the word art you’ve created.

Finally, all you have to do is order the letter photography artwork and wait. The letters are printed on archival grade photo lustre paper with fade resistant ink to ensure that the art piece stays top quality for a lifetime.

So, instead of spending hours on end looking for unique gift ideas that you most likely won’t find in a shop, turn to WOW Letter Art and create your own piece of letter photography for any occasion. Your order will be with you within 7-10 days by courier after you’ve finalised your design, so make sure you leave plenty of time between creating and the occasion!

O is for Flower with Letter Photos

Ever looked at daisy and saw the letter O, ever been walking past a tree and thought, that branch looks like a letter K, ever gone to open a door and thought, that door handle looks like a letter L. No? Me neither but that’s what makes great photographers special they see thing we simply don’t see; and occasionally they find something brand new and an art form is born.unique wedding gift ideas

That is what has happened with letter photos. Photographers began to build up catalogues of photographs depicting individual letters of the alphabet, found in everyday life. These catalogues of photos now contain the complete alphabet and there are many different photos depicting the same letter. Each photographer has his own style and personality and that is portrayed in the photographs.

Because there is now a full alphabet any word can be created from the individual letter photos and that’s how letter photo art was conceived. It is now possible to have pieces of wall art designed with these photographs that display a word and design chosen by the customer. This gives them a piece of unique and interesting art without having to buy an original Picasso.

Unique Gift Ideas

One of the main attractions of this type of or personalised art is that people have found it the perfect way of sending a gift that is personal to the person who is receiving it rather than just sending the standard new pair of socks or favourite box of chocolates.

The reason it has become so popular is simple; people love personalised gifts. People love sending them and people love receiving them. The emotional attachment makes them great unique gift ideas. When you are designing a gift for a loved one you have to think about what is going into it and this thought is really appreciated by the recipient. Using letter photos to make a bespoke gift gives you a lot of creative room in which to move. You can decide the word, the letter pictures used, the tone of the photographs and how it’s displayed. You really are designing a piece of art to send as a gift.

Unique gift ideas are getting increasingly expensive and more and more difficult to find but at you can design a piece of handmade art for a loved one at a very reasonable price.      

Unique Wedding Gifts

When your best friend is getting married and you are looking for a great gift to give them for their wedding nothing says I love you like a stainless steel toaster, a non stick frying pan or a multipurpose blender. Oh wait, maybe I’ve gotten that wrong. These presents, however practical, are the kinds of wedding present where the bride and groom have forgotten about them before the honeymoon is even over. They definitely won’t remember the person who bought them and they’re going to have no problem disposing of them once they have started to look old and shabby.

alphabet letter artThe reason for this is very simple; these kinds of presents hold no emotional connection for the person purchasing the gift nor the person receiving it. It’s a functional present not an emotional one. Humans are animals controlled and moulded by their emotions so if you are looking for emotionally driven wedding gifts avoid IKEA and have a look at the world of art; specifically letter pictures art.

Personally designed wall art is the type of gift that the recipient will keep forever, never forget and know exactly who the present came from. If you’re looking for unique wedding gifts then is the right place to start.

Letter Pictures Art

name frame picturesIf you want to send a gift that is unforgettable it has to be either incredibly expensive or very personal. Unless you can afford to buy your best friend a brand new Mercedes you are going to have to give something personal and that’s when letter pictures art becomes a great place to find personalised wedding gifts.

You can decide which word you make with the unique catalogue of photographed letters, and of course you will choose something personal for your best friend as their wedding gift. It might be the name of the place where they met their fiancé or it might be their surname. Whatever it is you we will be able to design a piece of personalised art just for them, they will hang it on their wall, see it every day and never forget the person who made the effort to  design them a piece of art.

Using’s easy 3 step design and ordering system you can design the piece of art with minimal fuss and then have the convenience of having it delivered to your door. Purchasing wedding gifts can be stressful, make it easier with letter pictures art.

Personalise Name Art: A Perfect Gift for the Person Who Has Every Thing Else

There are people in our lives who we love, friends, family children, wives and husbands but when the birthdays of these people inevitably come around every year it causes us an unpleasant amount of stress.

alphabet letter artSome people are just difficult to buy for, others won’t give you any clues and there are people who seem to have everything that they want. Being that these are people you care about you have a natural desire to please them, you want to get them a birthday present that they weren’t expecting and something that they will love.

It’s very easy to bow to the pressure, let the stress cloud your judgement and get them a gift voucher, give them money or buy them the same box of ‘their favourite chocolates’ every year; but why not get them something different, a present they didn’t expect or a gift that is very personal to them? Why not make them a piece of personalised name art made with unique and beautiful alphabet photos?

Using and its simple to use ordering system you could design a piece of personalised name art as a present that your loved one was not expecting.

Why Wow Art?

name frame pictureWith Wow Art you can create a piece of personalised art unique to the intended recipient. You can create the picture using our individual alphabet photos that are taken from two alphabet photo galleries, Nature and Rustic. These photos depict individual letters of the alphabet in manmade objects and the constructions of nature. You can build a word or a name with these alphabet photos and then have the picture mounted on canvas or placed in a frame.

With three different photograph styles to choose from, four different frames and a plethora of different photographs it is unlikely that the piece of personalised name art you have designed will be the same as the design of someone else.

You can also add an inspirational quote to the picture to make it even more special for the intended recipient, we have quotes for Gran, Grandad, Mum, travel, smile and believe; something to suit anyone’s birthday present.

When you are looking to get the perfect present for the person who has everything its time design your own present and make that birthday gift something extra special.

See our site to find out more

The Power in a Name and the Emergence of Name Art

A person’s name is the most important word in their lives. Your name is usually the first word that your brain understands as being unique to you and that uniqueness will stay with you for the rest of your life.

name frame pictureIt doesn’t matter if your name is Christopher, Daniel, Sarah or Rachael or your surname is Smith, Jones or McDonnelly it’s the first piece of information you write on an official form and it’s the first piece of information you give to a person whom you have just met. Your surname is a window to your history, your country of origin and a quick search online will tell you all you need to know about that surname.

If you are named David and someone shouts that name in the street, it doesn’t matter that you are aware that there are millions of other David’s in the world you will presume that the person is shouting at you and you will turn to see who that person is because David is your name.

Parents spend many hours debating the name of their new born child and that name helps to shape their child’s life as they grow. The importance of names can been seen in body art, tattoos, clothing and on the backs of sports shirts and now this desire to display your name is becoming the new trend in personalised art.

Name Art and Letter Art

personalised word artPeople are taking this fascination with names and turning into a form of affordable home art in the form of name art or letter art. They will use their first name or surname and display it on the walls of their homes. Whether it is your new child’s name on his or her bedroom wall or your family name on the wall of the kitchen name art and letter art is a perfect way of showing pride in your name in the form of personalised art that you help design.

At photographs of nature and man-made objects that depict individual letters of the alphabet are used to make unique and bespoke name art. Photographs of flowers become the letter O and a church cross becomes a letter T. You can choose from hundreds of photographs to make your name a piece of letter art.

Visit our site to find out more.