O is for Flower with Letter Photos

Ever looked at daisy and saw the letter O, ever been walking past a tree and thought, that branch looks like a letter K, ever gone to open a door and thought, that door handle looks like a letter L. No? Me neither but that’s what makes great photographers special they see thing we simply don’t see; and occasionally they find something brand new and an art form is born.unique wedding gift ideas

That is what has happened with letter photos. Photographers began to build up catalogues of photographs depicting individual letters of the alphabet, found in everyday life. These catalogues of photos now contain the complete alphabet and there are many different photos depicting the same letter. Each photographer has his own style and personality and that is portrayed in the photographs.

Because there is now a full alphabet any word can be created from the individual letter photos and that’s how letter photo art was conceived. It is now possible to have pieces of wall art designed with these photographs that display a word and design chosen by the customer. This gives them a piece of unique and interesting art without having to buy an original Picasso.

Unique Gift Ideas

One of the main attractions of this type of or personalised art is that people have found it the perfect way of sending a gift that is personal to the person who is receiving it rather than just sending the standard new pair of socks or favourite box of chocolates.

The reason it has become so popular is simple; people love personalised gifts. People love sending them and people love receiving them. The emotional attachment makes them great unique gift ideas. When you are designing a gift for a loved one you have to think about what is going into it and this thought is really appreciated by the recipient. Using letter photos to make a bespoke gift gives you a lot of creative room in which to move. You can decide the word, the letter pictures used, the tone of the photographs and how it’s displayed. You really are designing a piece of art to send as a gift.

Unique gift ideas are getting increasingly expensive and more and more difficult to find but at wowletterart.com.au you can design a piece of handmade art for a loved one at a very reasonable price.