Personalised Art

Personalised Art

An original piece of art can be an expensive purchase and even buying something from an unknown artist can often cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Unless you’re in the very unique position of being able to own an original Picasso, Dali or Rembrandt  the best way for you to own a piece of art, that you will love and others will be impressed by, is to create that art yourself.

Personalised art is latest way of decorating your home to suit your personality and decor. People all over the world are filling their walls with unique and bespoke pieces of art they themselves have designed. Why? Because they can. It may not have been possible in our grandparent’s lives but with the advances in modern printing it certainly is now.

Some people are blessed with a creative mind and a steady hand that can produce just what the mind sees. These people are scarce. The majority of us have a very creative mind, we can see what we want in our heads but we are unable to translate that onto a piece of canvas or paper. And that is one of the reasons why ordering word art online has become so popular in recent years.

With the easy to use design and ordering systems online you can take that idea in your mind and have someone else make it a reality, and you can do this without emptying your bank accounts.

Photographic Letter Art

There are many versions of the personalised art online but by far the most unique one is photographic letter art. Very simply, skilled photographers see individual letters of the alphabet in the constructions of nature and man. They might see the letter O in a flower for example. They then take a picture of this individual letter and those photographs are used to make bespoke letter art.

You, as the designer, are then able to decide what text, what style, and the frame and then make the piece of art using the many different variations of the letters. This vast array ensures that your art is designed by you personally for you and will be unique to you.

Personalised art that you have designed is a great way to fill your home with your own personality, without having to make the art yourself or selling your house to pay for it.