Sepia Letter Photos & Alphabet Art

Letter photos are the product of highly skilled photographers. They have taken photographs of everyday things which depict the individual letters of the alphabet. Some of these photos use man made constructions like park benches and others are made from the constructions of nature such as flowers or branches.

framed letter artOur photographers have looked at the link of a chain and saw the letter S and they have looked at a leaf and the saw the letter C. They have then taken high definition pictures of these and created beautiful alphabet art using striking sepia letter photos or eye catching coloured alphabet letters.

At WowLetterArt we have taken these photographs and turned them into stunning alphabet art in the form of framed letter photos. Essentially we allow our customers to build words with these individual letter photographs and then use our design and ordering system to produce a piece of unique letter photo art.

Framed letter photos are a great way to add personality and vibrancy to your home. They are perfect for bespoke wedding gifts, Christmas presents, anniversary gifts or birthday presents.

Letter Photo Art – The New Trend in Home Decor

Personalised art is becoming increasing popular in Australia and throughout the world. As art has become more and more affordable it has become a great way to decorate your home with something that you have a designed.

valentines day giftWhatever you choose to design with our framed letter photo art, you can be sure that it will be handmade by us with high quality solid wood, high definition photos in the tone of your choice and by skilled tradesmen who are experts at producing this type of art.

Enjoy the tasteful, aged look of sepia letter photos with one of our unique and exquisite customized art pieces. Sepia letter photos are a wonderful option for those who already have sepia photography or even vintage art in their home, or really want something to coordinate with brown tones. Whatever the name, word or phrase you choose, alphabet art pieces are sure to complement one’s taste in the classic.

We have the same letter photo options in sepia as we do in black and white, it’s just the different finished effect. One of our popular combinations with sepia letter photos is the Premium Brown frame and black matte. The sepia letter photos really stand out well against the black matte and add to the old world look of the Premium Brown frame. And with four classic frames and multiple colour mattes to choose from, you’re sure to create an instant masterpiece.

Although we are based in Australia our customers are from all over Europe and America. We have established ourselves as they go to site for bespoke, handmade art.

There was a time when art was the luxury of the wealthy, especially bespoke art. Now anyone can design their own art at prices that are affordable. You can use your personality and creativity to decorate your house.

Our letter art is framed in solid wood that comes in four different styles, brown, light brown, black ornate and mahogany. We have a style to suit all homes.

The best home decoration is always personal to the person or people who live there. Visitors always look for this when visiting someone’s home. You can add personally designed framed letter photos to your home decor which is guaranteed to impress. If you have any questions about our alphabet photo art please don’t hesitate in contacting us.