Sizes & Prices

The size and price of your Personalised Framed letter Art depend entirely on the number of letters used, see below for the full list of sizes and prices. Note that this is the final price, it includes the alphabet photos and a premium quality frame along with delivery to your door, each artwork when delivered is ready to hang straight on the wall. We use the very best materials such as frames, mat and photo paper and print using the very best Epson wide format art printers, each Framed Letter Art piece is hand made in Noosa, Queensland.


Framed Letter Art

3 letter / 540mm x 350mm
4 letters / 660mm x 350mm
5 letters / 740mm x 350mm
6 letters / 900mm x 350mm
7 letters / 1020mm x 350mm
8 letters / 1140mm x 350mm
9 letters / 1260mm x 350mm
10 letters / 1380mm x 350mm

Canvas Print Letter Art

12955mm x 867mm
812mm x 610mm
686mm x 457mm
457mm x 305mm
1219mm x 533mm
965mm x 431mm
762mm x 330mm
586mm x 254mm
4 letters / 545mm x 255mm
5 letters / 665mm x 255mm
6 letters / 775mm x 255mm
7 letters / 890mm x 255mm
8 letters / 1005mm x 255mm
9 letters / 1120mm x 255mm
10 letters / 1235mm x 255mm

Delivery details

Please allow the following times for delivery of your personalised alphabet letter art. Note that we use couriers not Australia Post.

Metro Areas

Sydney & Brisbane
3-4 days
4-5 days
Adelaide & Canberra
5-6 days
Perth & Hobart
6-7 days

For deliveries outside the metro areas the delivery times depend on the location but allow extra days for these deliveries.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us should you have any questions at [email protected]