Unique gift ideas

Letter picture art has become increasingly popular in recent years; it is the new growing trend in home decor and is becoming the obvious choice when searching for unique gifts ideas online.

These highly personalised home prints have become popular due to their artistic individuality, their interesting and bespoke designs, their reasonable prices and because they are a great option if you are looking to send a unique and unexpected gift to a person who is difficult to buy for but loves art.

Letter picture art is a vibrant and personalised way of decorating your house with aspects of your personality.

Unique gift ideasWhat is Letter Art?

Photographers often see life through a lens and for that reason they usually see things that normal people just don’t see. People often say ‘they have an eye for it’ and that’s how letter picture art was born. Photographers began to see letters of the alphabet in manmade structures like fences, benches, pieces of rope and wheels; and in constructions of nature like flowers, trees and twigs. They would see these letters in their daily lives and then they began to take photographs of them. Now there is a large back catalogue of these pictures that includes every letter in the alphabet in many different variations.

These photographs are now used to make personalised art for the walls of your home and office. In essence you build a word or name that is personal to you or your family using the photographic letter art and then decide how you want to display it.

Wow Letter Art

In Australia wowletterart.com.au were the first design house and website to bring this new art form to the country. Their large and interesting catalogue of photographs are used to design bespoke letter picture art based on your design ideas. They have two separate alphabet galleries, one named Nature and one named Rustic. These photographs come in three different tones for you to choose from; colour, black and white and sepia and then you choose which of the four frames in which to house this piece of unique home art. You can choose between light brown, mahogany, black ornate or brown. The plethora of choices means you can design your piece of letter picture art based on the decor of your house.

Whether you are searching for unique gift ideas or a way to give the walls of your house some vibrancy you are certain to find what you are looking for at wowletterart.com.au.