Unique Wedding Gifts

At wowletterart we are passionate about providing unique wedding gifts for our customers. We appreciate how difficult it can be to think of perfect wedding present ideas. Many of our name frames and letter picture art designs are great unique wedding gift ideas.

Unique Wedding GiftsWhen you are sending a wedding present you know it has to be something special and of high quality. That’s why we only use premium quality solid wood. All of our artworks are designed in Australia and handmade.

Creating your own wedding gift is the only way to guarantee that it will be unique. We feel that sending something designed personally by you, for the couple who are to be married, is the perfect way to show them that you made a special effort for their wedding.

We Can Work Together to Make the Perfect Wedding Gift

Utilising the tools on our website you can create a piece of bespoke name art to give as a wedding gift.

Of course you will choose the name or text that will make up the centrepiece of the art and then you can use our gallery to make it something unique. You can take the letter photo art that we have in our portfolio and choose which individual letter photographs to spell the word or name.

We have two galleries to choose from; Nature and Rustic. Once you have chosen the letters to use you can then decide what tone you would like the letter photographs to be in; colour, black and white or sepia. Once you have completed the artwork you can then decide which frame in which to house it. We have four choices to choose from; light brown, mahogany, black ornate or brown. These choices will suit the decor of any home.

Our simple step by step ordering system means that you can design and order your unique wedding gift in as little as five minutes. Once you have ordered,one of our artwork specialists will hand make your piece of custom letter art and then we will deliver it to your home ready to be placed on a wall.

A piece of personally designed letter art is a great way to surprise the bride and groom. They will be left in no doubt that the artwork is unique and of a very high standard.