Custom Word Art

Text + Art = Word Art

bespoke word art There’s always something striking when you see a famous quote, inspiring word or emotional statement presented as a piece of art in some way. You will often see in bars pieces of clever literature painted beautifully onto the walls or the ceilings of the building. There are many famous pieces of poetry carved into stone and many inspirational quotes from great leaders, philosophers and academics presented as a piece of word art on schools, universities and other public buildings all over the world.

People will often stop and read these pieces of art, or just enjoy them for their interesting typography. This is certainly more frequent than people stopping to look at a detailed or elaborate painting.

The reason for this is very simple. It is easier for people to understand a piece of great writing and appreciate the text as it is presented, as a piece of beautiful calligraphy, than it is for someone to appreciate a piece of art. The beauty and impact of words is often more obvious and striking than a painting or drawing. The detail of paintings and other forms of visual art can often blind us to its beauty. The simplicity of words is what makes them universally appreciated.

Art That You Design

This is the simple and yet obvious reason why word art has become so popular in recent years.  It’s basic yet interesting design can be appreciated by anyone, in essence word art is art that comes with a readers manual. You don’t have to ask what the artist or designer is trying to say because they actually say it with the text they choose.

Moreover, due to the advances and falling costs in printing, manufacturing and the designing of word art you can actually afford to design your own piece and display it in your home as a unique piece of art designed by you.

At they specialise in a unique form of word art known as photographic letter art. Their designs are made from photographs that have been taken from everyday life but that show individual letters of the alphabet. These photographs are then used to build individual words and art. Because there are so many different photographs for each letter you can decide which photographs to use to build your chosen word and in doing so create a piece of personalised art.